M.A. Rooney Foundation
Our mission is to ensure that ALL kids are reading agrade level

Indiana Department of Education Approved Dyslexia Training Vendor

Professional Learning

The M. A. Rooney Foundation provides professional learning support that focuses on increasing student achievement.  We work directly with school leaders to identify needs and next steps for success. Collaboratively, we design professional development opportunities that are engaging, motivating and relevant to district goals.
Student achievement increases when:

• Success plans are clearly articulated and understood by all stakeholders.
• Goals are measureable and are systematically monitored.
• Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment are aligned.
• Data is easily accessible and understood.
• Data is effectively used to drive instruction.
• All stakeholders “Own It!”.

The Success Plan

The M. A. Rooney Foundation works collaboratively with district leaders to review trend data, identify priorities, and create measurable goals that are included in a forward thinking Success Plan.  Assisting in curriculum and assessment audits, streamlining efficiencies with intentional and measurable actions that lead to sustainable change are systematically monitored.

Data!  Data!  Data!
School districts, schools, teachers and kids have lots of assessment data.  We work with you to manage what is important and to identify what leads to increased student achievement.  Tailored professional learning opportunities provide real time support in how to most efficiently and effectively utilize data to drive instruction.

Our Foundation also customizes reports with you to maximize student success.  Imagine if all of your teachers had all student assessment data for each class they teach on one page!  Teachers receive one page classroom Roster Reports that include all assessment data for student they serve.  The reports are customized to include district and state assessment data and are provided throughout the school year.  Teachers no longer have to seek data from multiple locations to monitor student growth.

“Own It!”
Accountability is essential at every level.  We share strategies and best practices that ensure ownership for kids, families, teachers and administrators.  From student Accountability Binders to classroom and grade level scoreboards, student achievement can be monitored in a meaningful way that involves stakeholders and leads to higher levels of accountability and greater success.