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Strategic Planning

The M. A. Rooney Foundation provides strategic planning support that focuses on increasing student achievement. We provide collaborative planning processes that include success plan development, meaningful and timely classroom and district data reports, and analysis structures that deliver results.

Strategic planning is a process. Early on, it is important to identify what is important to a school district. All key stakeholders will have an opportunity to provide initial input and are encouraged to share both successes and challenges, to voice concerns and to openly share what is working and what is not. This open dialogue is critical in identifying priorities and in the development of forward thinking Success Plans that lead to intentional and measurable actions and sustainable change.

In order to assist corporations in moving forward, it is necessary to create and to clearly communicate an action plan that is based on data and includes SMART goals:


Realistic (or Results Oriented)

High achieving school corporations clearly articulate the success plan, deliver it consistently and monitor progress systematically. The M. A. Rooney Foundation works closely with school corporations to create one page plans that keep everyone focused and moving forward together for kids.

Classroom and District Data Reports and Analysis
Monitoring success is achieved through our unique reporting system.

Imagine if all of your teachers had all student assessment data for each class they teach on 1page! Teachers receive one page classroom Roster Reports that include all assessment data for student they serve. The reports are customized to include district and state assessment data and are provided throughout the school year. No longer do teachers have to seek data from multiple locations to monitor student growth.

Communication is critical to success and accountability is expected; therefore, all stakeholders must “Own It!” We work collaboratively to develop reports that support students, families, teachers and district leaders, so that all stakeholders have ownership.

Tailored professional learning opportunities provide support in how to most efficiently and effectively utilize data reports to maximize student success. 

Strategic Planning

    • Establishing Expectations

          Data Rubric, Data Graphic

          IDOE Calendar of Questions 2014-2015

    • Planning for Success

    • Analyzing ISTEP+ 

          ISTEP+ Reports to Analyze

          ISTEP+ Retrospective Data 2014

Roster Report Samples