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"As retire from the EVSC, I wanted to drop you an email to express my appreciation for the many ways in which Rooney Foundation has assisted us over the past years. You’ve definitely helped us make data readily accessible to our teachers and administrators. We were recently named the winner of the Data Quality Campaign’s (DQC) 2014 District Data Use Award for “establishing a districtwide vision and creating a collaborative culture where educators use data (which include student attendance, demographics, and college-readiness scores) to improve outcomes for Evansville’s students”. This award is due in no small part to the assistance that you have provided us.

Our Superintendent, Dr. Smith, as well as the EVSC Office for Performance, Assessment, and Research, look forward to our continued collaboration.

Thanks so much.

Susan McDowell Riley

Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation

Deputy Superintendent


"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the MA Rooney Foundation for the tremendous amount of support your team provided to us last year. Over the last five years, we have become a very data driven school system.  During end of the year discussions with teachers and administrators, it became very apparent that your data and reports have positively impacted instruction and professional development. At the elementary, the individual student reports have transformed our approach to RtI. Instead of rushing through the RtI process to testing for special education eligibility, the reports became a tool for developing successful RtI plans. At the secondary level, the individual reports have been extremely helpful for non-istep and ECA teachers to understand how to use this data. Secondary teachers are now learning how to provide differentiated and small group instruction in order to meet the needs of students. As we strive to make sure all students are meeting rigorous achievement and growth goals, our partnership with MA Rooney has become so valuable.  THANKS AGAIN!"

Mary Harper
Assistant Superintendent, Shelbyville Central Schools
803 St. Joseph Street



"The M.A. Rooney Foundation began providing academic data and consulting services to our school, the Paramount School of Excellence, this year. Through Rooney’s data mining process, our school has developed a clearer sense of student achievement and a fresh aspect on instruction and intervention based on this data. Our teachers greatly appreciate this service, as we use it as an approach to help guide instruction and also as a reflective tool regarding our own practices. Before this partnership began, our staff spent hours organizing our student data. Now, we use that time to plan meaningful instruction for our children based on the data provided by the M. A. Rooney Foundation. As a school, working with the Rooney Foundation has become a game-changer, and we are so grateful for everything they do!"

Dana Davis
Title I Coach
Paramount School of Excellence


Dear Ann and the Rooney Foundation Team,

I can’t thank you enough for the work you do for our corporation. Teachers and principals come to me daily with compliments to your foundation for the data analysis you have provided this school year. Your team is saving our teachers hours of labor and Ann’s professional development has helped both our principals and teachers better focus their efforts in the classroom.

When I open the files you have created for our district, I feel as though our district has won a lottery, since this valuable data is so important to us and all of the services and information is provided to us for FREE.. (As Ann would say!!)

Our district would like to honor the Rooney Foundation at one of our School Board Meetings this spring. Would someone from your group be willing to come to receive this award on Thursday, March 14 or April 11 at 7:00 pm??

Again, Thank you for serving the students in our district through assisting our teachers and principals with such valuable student achievement data.

Your group is much appreciated. 

Dr. Mary L. Giesting
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Plainfield Community School Corporation

"The student achievement successes of the READ BY 3 Project (Reading Grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade) that the Indianapolis Public Schools has been working on for the past three years are directly linked to our collaboration with the M. A. Rooney Foundation.

One of the biggest supports which contributed to increased student achievement is the support provided by two of M. A. Rooney’s consultants. These consultants worked directly with principals (mentoring and coaching) and with the Reading Coaches (coaching, mentoring and providing professional development). Their work not only inspired confidence, but generated increased student achievement results in Reading for grades kindergarten through 2nd grade. Their tireless focus and work to make a difference in the lives of the IPS students is evident.

M. A. Rooney Foundation has also provided IPS with technical assistance in the form of comprehensive and informative data reports. The data reports have help IPS focus on identifying the right kinds of instructional strategies to address the needs of our students. The work done by the M. A. Rooney Foundation has been exemplary on a professional, knowledgeable, and collaborative level. The M. A. Rooney and IPS partnership has far exceeded all expectations."

Joan Harrell
Indianapolis Public Schools
Executive Director Elementary Education

"Much of the success the Westfield Washington school district (WWS) has achieved in the last five years is directly linked to our work with the M. A. Rooney Foundation. The collaboration has increased senior leadership capacity to manage and interpret data in support of the district's continuous improvement efforts. As well, our work with them has significantly contributed to more effective and efficient processes. The M. A. Rooney staff is talented, innovative, and passionate in their support to public education. It is an honor and a privilege to partner with the Foundation."

Dave Mundy
Westfield-Washington Schools
Executive Director Learning Systems

"The M. A. Rooney Foundation is instrumental in the academic success of the Brownsburg Community School Corporation. The technical and practical insights into the effective use of data to increase student learning, supported by highly competent and caring individuals at the Foundation, allows us as educators to make an immediate and powerful impact on student learning. Simply stated, the children of Brownsburg have benefitted immensely from our partnership with the M. A. Rooney Foundation."

Dr. Jim Snapp
Brownsburg Community Schools

"The M.A. Rooney Foundation provided essential support to the Franklin Township Community School Corporation during my six years there as superintendent. We have great appreciation for the Foundation, as they worked with us to develop a data system and provided comprehensive performance data reports for our students, classrooms, schools and district. The real time data enabled our educators to guide instruction with great intentionality. We were able to create a learning environment that focused on sustainable and systemic improvement. Their on-going, collaborative support moved FTCSC from one of the State’s most underperforming school districts, to a winner of the Lugar Education Patriot Award. Franklin Township was recognized as one of the State’s highest growth performing districts and continues to celebrate student success and academic achievement."

Dr. Walter Bourke
Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents
Executive Director

"During the past year I have had the opportunity to work with the M.A. Rooney Foundation. This experience has been outstanding. The support that they provide to keep us focused on the data is essential to the systemic change needed to continue our work. They provide practical information, creative ideas, and innovative ways to build capacity of all stake holders. The ultimate goal is to provide the best education for our children. We are on a learner-centered journey with the help of this great Foundation."

Nan Wiseman
MSD Decatur Township
Chief Academic Officer

"I would like to formally thank the M.A. Rooney Foundation for the technical assistance provided during the 2010-2011 school year. In 2011, Bloomfield School District had 69.4% of students pass both the English/Language Arts and Math section of the ISTEP+ test. In 2012, Bloomfield School District had 77.7% of the students pass both the English/Language Arts and Math sections of the ISTEP+ test.

Additionally, our pass rate for 1st time test takers of the ECA Algebra I increased by 23%. The English 10 ECA pass rate increased by 6%. I believe the data reports and technical assistance provided by the M.A. Rooney Foundation played a large role in these increases. As a small school corporation in southern Indiana with limited resources, we greatly appreciate the contributions you are making to Indiana public education."

Dan Sichting
Bloomfield School Corporation

"It is incumbent upon educators to use data each day to inform instruction in order to impact student achievement. But with the many demands placed upon administrators and teachers, and given the sheer volume of existing information, accessing multiple sources of student data quickly can be a challenge. 

The M.A. Rooney Foundation has been invaluable in assisting us in the delivery of timely and accurate data directly to educators in a format that they can easily use. The all-inclusive student data reports that were tailor-made by M.A. Rooney for our district are invaluable to teachers and administrators. These reports allow educators to easily identify trends and areas of strengths and challenge. Thanks to M.A. Rooney staff, our teachers can devote more time to planning for instruction rather than searching for data. We are grateful for our partnership with the M.A. Rooney Foundation and greatly appreciate their time, expertise, and assistance in making critical student data readily available to our staff."

Susan McDowell Riley
Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation
Deputy Superintendent

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